External expert for the More.Creative project. The project aims to develop new business models within the creative sector in the Danish region of Midtjylland. More information can be found on the Danish website for the initiative:

Creative entrepreneurship in smaller cities.
Based on my Centre for Cities and Creativity’s experience of working with entrepreneurs in smaller cities, we were invited to write a think piece on creative entrepreneurship in smaller cities and deliver a presentation at the Cidade Campus – Smaller Cities conference which was part of the programme for the Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture. You can read the think piece on the conference website or download a PDF version here.

Partnerships in in the cultural sector.
Co-conceptualisation of worksshop for KulturMetropolØresund regarding the new paradigm of cultural agreements (kulturaftaler) which a number of municipalities have to work within. The keynote speaker for the event was Charlie Leadbeater. Read the think piece which he prepared for the event or see a short interview with him from the event.

Creative entrepreneurship in schools with Municipality of Aarhus
In 2012 we gave a presentation for Municipality of Aarhus on using creative entrepreneurs in their ninety-eight schools across the local authority. The group of entrepreneurs were drawn from the work Jacob Urup Nielsen did on Creative Entrepreneur Club Aarhus. You can find more information about Creative Entrepreneur Club Aarhus on British Council’s website.

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