The case for creativity in smaller cities.

In November last year, I had the opportunnity to talk about creative entrepreneurship at the smaller cities conference in Guimarães in Portugal. My main case drawing on the work I have done with Creative Entrepreneurs in Aarhus and other smaller cities across Europe. I decided  to focus on the  three ingredients which are find are crucial for creative entrepreneurs to succeed as entrepreneurs:

  • Location – entpreneurs need to be aware of the place they are working in – what type of audience or customers are present in the city, what is the talk of the town, what are the funding models, how are the links to other places.
  • Connections – creative entrepreneurs also need to focus on who are the right people to work with on their project or product. Who else can benefit from the project becoming a success.
  • Communications – entrepreurs need to excel in using the right messages for the right audiences. Commuication about product benefits, stakeholder engagement ais key to success.

You can find the think piece on the conference website or download a PDF version of the think piece here.

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