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A tale of two cities pursuing the European Capital of Culture title.

Earlier this week, two Danish cities submitted their applications to become European Capital of Culture in 2017. The decision on the winner will take place in August this year but what are in the bids? The central theme of the … Continue reading

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Authentic cities

Is it an oxymoron to talk about authenticity in relation to an urban environment? Or can our man-made abodes be understood as having an essence which they can fulfill or defy? An insightful point about the authentic city is that … Continue reading

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Creative industry task forces

This morning I noticed that the Australian state New South Wales have set up a taskforce for growth in the creative industries. Similarly, last week the mayor of Copenhagen in Denmark set up a creative industries task force too, Copenhagen … Continue reading

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World Architecture Festival

Later this year (3-5 October) the World Architecture Festival (WAF) will take place in Singapore. The director of the festival, Paul Finch, has just visited Copenhagen to promote the festival to Danish architects and also to encourage them to submit … Continue reading

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Rebuild21: Brief summary of day 2

Day 2 of Rebuild21 focused on rebuilding education and rethinking business. The day started with the personal story of Jake Nickell of Threadless as an example of how the internet and crowdsourcing has revolutionised the way we do business. On … Continue reading

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