Mission 2062 postcard follow-up

My first coffee meeting following after sending handwritten postcards from Mission2062 was with one of the most experienced cultural leaders in Denmark, Christian Have.

Christian was very supportive of our mission and agreed with the main points mentioned on the postcard (see the full text here). We discussed how it is vital that culture is being brought into other spheres of life, and Christian pointed out how he sees well-defined and diverse cultures as a prerequisite for creativity. Also, we discussed how networking has played a quintessential role in getting big cultural productions off the ground. We discussed how much the rest of society can learn from these lessons – and will have to learn from the sector to be succesful in the years to come.

We also discussed how creative entrepreneurs will be crucial in the future for a succesful cultural life. Creative entrepreneurs are a unique hybrid of the cultural world and the rest of society and have a unique capacity to “translate” between the different mindsets and add new value to society. One of the key traits of good creative entrepreneurs is the ability to deliver on your promise.

We agreed to send a short message around to the remaining people in the group, several of them, including the Danish Minister for Culture, have asked to be kept informed of the progression on these talks.

Christian Have has for a number of years coordinated big cultural events in Denmark and is currently on the board of several big cultural organisations, including the Danish Royal Theatre. You can read more about Christian Have’s work on Have Kommunikation’s website.

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