5 postcards from a mission to the future

Last week I was fortunate to be part of British Council’s Mission 2062 at the beautiful old Parisian theatre La Gâité Lyrique. After returning to 2012, I have decided to send 5 traditional hand-written postcards to Danish cultural leaders about what we discussed and discovered during our 48 hours in the time machine to 2062.

Postcards from the future to Danish Cultural Leaders

The postcards have been sent to:
Trevor Davis, head of the Aarhus bid for European Capital of Culture 2017
Uffe Elbæk, Danish Minister for Culture
Christian Have, Founder of Cultural Agency Have Kommunikation
Else Christensen Redzepovich, Head of the Sønderborg bid for European Capital of Culture 2017
Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning, Director for the Danish Centre for Creative and Experience Economy

Here is a translation into English of what I have written:

I have just returned from an important mission in Paris. Here I spent 48 hours in the company of young cultural leaders from Europe, the Middle East and North America discussing what we as cultural leader envision will be important for the future. Some of the prevalent themes were
1) cultural localism with a virtual global dimension,
2) culture as being more of a verb rather than a noun
3) and finally the importance for people from diverse backgrounds to get a chance to discuss the role of culture.

I would be very happy to meet up and discuss in more details. With best wishes

Jacob Urup Nielsen

If you are interested in reading more about our mission, you can find an article from the Guardian’s Culture Professionals Network by Canan Marasligil here:

Radical culture: playing the future to guide the present

There is also more information on British Council’s website.

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